Q. What is the Dream Sequence?
A. The Dream Sequence is a behind the scenes look at
spiritual warfare. It reveals the unseen world of God vs. Satan. It is based upon personal experiences, and
personal choices.

Q. Is the Dream Sequence a play?
A. No. It is a 20 minute audio clip which is
incorporated into my concerts.

Q. What happens during the Dream Sequence?
A. I find that shock evangelism makes people think. The Dream Sequence starts when I have a heart attack and fall
down and die during one of my songs. The lights dim, smoke fills the stage, and the audience hears the spiritual warfare. Soon my heart begins again and the concert resumes.

Q. Is the Dream Sequence effective?
A. Very. Audiences of all ages are moved by it.
The Lord moves differently in each heart, but generally, the Dream Sequence makes you think about our own mortality and the unseen spirtual warfare that every believer will face.